Monday, November 27, 2006

Cold-Fighting Aromatherapy!

The other day I was convinced I was getting a cold. I felt heavy in my head and scratchy in my throat. I could feel that irritating autumn cold forcing its way through my immune system. So, what did I do to ward off this cold?

I drank lots of fluids, took vitamin C and zinc, and relaxed in a tea tree oil bath. Yes, tea tree oil!

I have found essential oils to be quite effective in the prevention of colds. Many essential oils help boost your immune system, including the following:

tea tree oil
myrrh oil
thyme oil
oregano oil
bergamot oil
orange oil

So, next time you are just beginning to feel the sniffles, mix a few drops of one or a combination of these oils into your bath (do not exceed 6-8 drops total). Breathe deeply and allow these oils to soak into your body.

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