Friday, September 07, 2007

Reasons to Love Your Body

"She Learns to Love Her Body," mixed media collage painting with wax.

Try this:

List 20 reasons why you love your body. Think of all the ways your body supports you, gives you feelings of delight, and adapts to so many situations and circumstances. After listing at least 20 reasons (I know you can do it!), choose three to focus on more closely. Now draw a picture of each of these three reasons. What colors, textures, or symbols represent the appreciation you feel? Feel free to post these art pieces around your home, particularly in places where you may need a little reminder to love your body a bit more (i.e. the bathroom mirror). Your body is amazing; remember to give thanks regularly.


cjink said...

I think I let each of mine out pretty regualarly, but they are actually hidden from many who know me. Captain CJ, Silly Milly, Selfish Billie, Jealous Jan, and Outrageous Ollivia. Good idea to recognize them as part of who I am. Thanks.

Courtney Putnam said...

I love those names, cj. Thanks so much for sharing them!

How wonderful that you are able to name and acknowledge these other parts of yourself.