Saturday, December 22, 2007

Abundance Abounds!

This afternoon, seven creative women gathered at my home for "Intentional Desires: An Abundance Box Workshop." What abundance right from the start!

With dreams, visions, and positive intentions in our hearts and minds, we explored the abundance we wish to receive in our lives through the process of creating abundance boxes. My lovely participants ruffled through images and decorative papers; sifted through bowls of Chinese fortunes, colored feathers, and semi-precious stones; and painted, glued, and glittered their way into understanding the intention of their boxes.

Many remarked how the process of creating took them to deeper (and surprising) levels. I often find this is true for me whenever I create art; even when I hold a specific theme in mind, I find that the images and colors I am drawn to end up transforming my art -- and I find myself transforming in the process.

To my dear participants: thank you for your openness, creative energy, and willingness to dream thoughtful dreams.

Note #1: I may offer this workshop again in January. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email.

Note #2: The photographs in this post are a few of my abundance boxes. From top to bottom: Creativity (Writer) Box, Contemplation and Spiritual Clarity Box, Rising Bird Healing Arts Prosperity Box, and Health and Wellness Box.

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