Thursday, March 20, 2008

Art Card Give-Away

As some of you know, in addition to posting on this blog, I also post my art on my other blog, Quiet Girl Gallery. I began that blog as a way to get myself creating art on a more regular basis. My goal was to create at least one art piece a week and to post it. It's been over two years, and I'm still at it. It's amazing what a little structure will do!

So here's your challenge, if you're up for it. You can enter to win the above set of my art cards (six in all) if you do the following:

* Post in the comments box of this blog entry and mention something you wish or plan to do on a more regular basis. Maybe it's taking a walk everyday or meditating twice a week. It could be that you'd like to be sure to receive at least one massage a month. Or perhaps, like me, you need some structure for creating. You could journal every morning when you wake up, paint every Wednesday evening, or play your drums every Sunday morning. Think about both the level of your desire as well as your particular needs regarding structure.

*Be sure to include your name somewhere in the post and an email address (or a link to your own blog/website) where I can contact you if you are the winner.

I'll draw the winning name in exactly one week on March 27.

Good luck...and happy planning!



sue simpson said...

I would like to do my core and yoga (still learning) at least three times a week. I use to walk but have hurt my back. I am looking for an encumbant bike. When I find one I would like to ride it at least twice a week. I will also use my exercise time to quiet myself and check the balance in my schedule and my priorities.

Juliet said...

blog. blog. blog. oh and pet Bailey. :)

1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

Ever since we moved on Dec 1st to our new house, I have stopped walking except the walks to town to the post office and such. But at the old house, I would walk the loop, just to walk and be among the trees. With spring and longer days returning, I want to get out of here and walk once a day!

And these art cards are BEAUtIFuL! Please enter my name for your drawing :)
Miracles to you, Courtney!

Anonymous said...

I am going to spend at least two days a week, I'm thinking Wednesday and Sunday, making art. I'm not even going to get dressed on those days.
But more..I will try to be thankful, daily, that I am very fortunate to have that option.
I'm also going to go back to my walking. Mrs.B
PS. I will start a blog by May 1.

Scotty Walsh said...

Boy, getting some structure is all I every think about. I want to have a Daddy cooks day, where I cook dinner once a week, (pasta from scratch, I imagine). And I want to start every day with an espresso in a little coffee shop with my notebook handy. Then I want to spend two hours juggling and two hours on the trapeze. Then another coffee in the same shop, still with the notebook. In fact, I wouldn't mind if all of my meals were mapped out for a month at a time, just like elementary school lunch.

Today is a special day. It is the birthday of a dear friend and the marriage date of the protagonists of my book.

I would also like to have film nights. Where people are invited over maybe one day a month and we screen a Buster Keaton movie or two. Maybe turn it into a sort of juggling lessons, clown videos, improvised circus class or who knows what.

But Denver certainly won't be the scene for such excitement. It seems more like a Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, France or Italy sort of thing.

Cool cards, cool contest, great idea. Hope I'm not too late to win!


Courtney Putnam said...

Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas here!

I wish you all luck on making your goals a reality. You can do it!

peace & abundance,