Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring Cleaning

As you can see from the little changes with the design of this blog, I'm doing a bit of interior design and spring cleaning. I know it is not yet spring, but I am pretending that it is. On Sunday I cleaned out my closet and filled a bag full of items to donate. Ah, I felt so much lighter. And have you been noticing the lovely racket the birds are making in the mornings? Spring is certainly on its way.

This blog design process is a work in progress, so I appreciate your patience (and kind words of support like "Go Spring Cleaning Girl!") as I tinker with things here a bit. I hope to create a much more extensive links bar with many wonderful sites and blogs for you to check out. If you have a blog that you feel reflects my "creative and healing spaces" theme, feel free to send me an email and a link to your site.

Happy March to you, dear readers. And may you feel in your body the positive effects of more daylight, warmer temperatures, and emerging green growing things.

Mixed media collage above (title: "Spring Feeling") by Courtney Putnam.

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