Monday, January 28, 2008

Intentional Desires

Abundance [n.]: a great or plentiful amount; fullness to overflowing.

Intention [n.]: an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result;
the end or object intended; purpose.

Desire [v.]: to wish or long for; want; to express a wish for; request.

I had the opportunity to host my second Abundance Box Workshop this past Sunday. Lucky me! Six creative women shared their desires and wishes, explored their relationship to abundance, and set positive intentions for manifesting their dreams. They glued and stapled and painted and collaged and glittered. Their boxes were beautiful and filled with specific intentions for various aspects of their lives.

During the box-decorating portion of the workshop, I noticed a collective creative energy filling the room, and this energy reminded me of a passage I read recently from Sarah Susanka's book The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters:

"If we're struggling, thinking too hard, and worried about getting something done before our next meeting, our creativity is limited and derivative. But when we're attuned to the vitality of the moment, everything is informed by the creativity of that moment. It's not something we possess or master; it's something that we are. There's no separation between creativity and you. That's why the vibrancy of another person's creative act can inspire our own. It's the state in which the object was made that is contagious."

Thank you, dear participants, for inspiring me with your openness, curiosity, and vibrant acts of creativity.

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