Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Special: Healing Sunlight

Healing Sunlight Two-Hour Special

full-spectrum light therapy • foot spa • hot tea
infrared light • acupressure treatment • massage

This winter, imagine feeling warmed to the bone. Think summer, sunlight, and soothing warmth.

This two-hour session begins with thirty minutes of full-spectrum light therapy, a citrus foot spa—complete with two jet settings and continuous heat—and a soothing cup of tea. Full-spectrum light therapy is thought to considerably alleviate S.A.D. symptoms, helping you to experience a “mood lift,” to feel more energetic, and to sleep better by stabilizing the melatonin and serotonin levels in your brain.

After this quiet time, you will bask in the deep heat and healing properties of infrared light. Because infrared light is more penetrating than visible light, it is an excellent source of heat for the body without the negative side effects of the sun. There are no UV rays in infrared light; instead, this soothing red-colored light simulates the sun’s radiant heat, warming muscle tissue, easing joint stiffness, and calming the central nervous system.

While absorbing infrared light, you will receive an acupressure treatment. Pressure to points along your energy meridians may reduce muscle tension, headaches, and muscle tension, preparing the body for what comes next in this two hour special: an integrative massage to fit your needs.

Consider giving yourself or a loved one the gift of sunshine this winter!

Gift certificates available.

Cost: $100.

Call or email to make your "Healing Sunlight" appointment: (206) 228-9124 or

Art piece by Courtney E. Putnam, from mixed media collage "Amor del Sol."

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