Saturday, April 26, 2008

Archetype Cards

I just purchased Caroline Myss' Archetype Cards. This colorful 80-card deck includes 74 archetype cards and six blank cards (for you to place your own archetypes).

A few days ago I chose my twelve archetype cards. The first four are universal cards we all have according to Myss: The Saboteur, The Prostitute, The Child, and The Victim. The next eight are archetypes I chose based on how I perceive myself. These eight cards represent aspects of myself that I can trace from childhood to the present day. After much contemplation, I chose the following:

The Healer
The Poet
The Artist
The Mediator
The Rebel
The Shape-Shifter
The Rescuer
The Hermit

I have these cards spread across my mantle so that each time I walk by them I can reflect on these aspects of myself. Just today, when I felt my mediator energy go astray, I looked at The Mediator card and read the words, "Respect for both sides of an argument." I felt my body relax. My shoulders dropped. I knew that I didn't need to force the mediator part of me into a certain situation. I just needed to feel respect for both sides. I love it when that happens. I felt a shift inside me without feeling the impulse to take action to "make things right" between two others.

I purchased my deck at EastWest Bookshop in my neighborhood, but I'm sure you can purchase this deck online or perhaps even at big box bookstores. If you do purchase a deck, let me know what you discover!

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