Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Special: Renewal

I seem to be herb-centric these days. I hope that you don't mind. I have herbs and plants on my brain and sunshine in my heart. It's no wonder then that I chose to create an herb-themed spring special called "Renewal" for this season's two-hour special.

So here's the low-down of this special should you care to partake (or even just imagine partaking):

The session begins with an herbal foot spa in my jet-powered, temperature controlled foot bath. Really, this thing is the best. I would use it every day if I had the time. A mixture of herbal essential oils of your choice may be added to the water.

While you pamper your feet, you may relax, sip some purifying lemon-water, and nibble on a healthy snack.

After this quiet time, you will receive an herbal body scrub with the use of Israeli Dead Sea salt and a combination of dried herbs (you have your choice of dried rosemary, lavender, spearmint, or rose petals). These dry elements mixed with oil create a most lovely scrub for your tired winter skin. The scrub is both invigorating and relaxing, and gives your skin a soft, healthy-looking glow.

Following the scrub, you will receive an integrative massage (with the use of herbal essential oils of your choice, of course!) to fit your needs.

Cost: $110.

I must say that offering this special is self-fulfilling in some ways: I get to smell those wonderful herbs and receive the healing benefit of the essential oils on my own skin when I scrub and massage. Just thinking about it makes me want to drink some spearmint tea and apply some lavender lotion. Perhaps that's just what I'll do right now.

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