Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What I Did During 15 Minutes of Sunshine

During a brief bit of sun yesterday (meaning about 15 minutes), I managed to plant a few spring things in the pots along my fence. Since I don't have much of a garden space where I live, I must rely on container gardening (hence the picture above).

Even in those 15 minutes of getting my hands soiled (I should call it "potting soiled"), I noticed a shift in my mood. I felt more light, open, and connected. I had forgotten how therapeutic gardening is for me, and then I read Clea Danaan's piece on spirituality and gardening on her Intuitive Gardening Blog. I find there is something very transformational about playing with earthy things and this feeling is deeply rooted in my experiences playing in the woods near my house as a kid.

Gardening is also so very physical. When I garden, I crouch and kneel and lean and thrust and balance and lift. It's hard work! In the process of planting, I feel more connected to my body and more in the present moment.

Take a look at Clea's post and perhaps you'll be inspired to think about how you feel when you work in the earth. And maybe you'll also be inspired to plant a few things during the next 15 minutes of sunshine.

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